Rolling sixes

There’s another window with six planets in Aries coming up at the end of the month. Sol will have left Aries and entered Taurus, but Venus will have left Pisces and entered Aries. (If you were planning anything magical involving Venus, git ‘er done before she switches signs on April 20.)

So, SIX planets in Aries: let’s take a look. Oh my. Some exact planetary aspects are happening then. This window spans April 29 and 30, and May 1. (Something tells me those Beltane fires are gonna be hot.) The planets involved are: Luna, Mercury (who will finally be direct in motion btw, as of the 23rd!), Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus. On April 30, Venus will be exactly opposite Saturn, and Mars will be exactly conjunct Jupiter. Luna highlights this by conjoining each of the other Aries planets in turn, with this final aspect: Luna conjunct Mars. Lock up your daughters and wives? Guys will be riding through town shooting guns in the air? Yeah, pretty much. Looks like an awesome time to be a badass dude and a crappy time to be an unarmed lady. I’m glad I don’t have children – the stress would wear me out, worrying about the psycho contingent. To think I used to run wild in the streets in the big city when I was little! These times that try women’s souls will also be more fun for single people than for married people, because the special snowflake inclination will be to do whatever you want whenever you want to do it rather than cooperate with a partner. (My experience of Fire people is that they fall in love hard, but every once in a while they look over and are like, “Oh my god, *you’re* still here? Agh, I can’t breathe – ROOOAAAAD TRRRRIIIPPPPP!” That goes double for a fire sign on the ascendant.) So, if you suspect you might be the wet blanket type, and you’re hooked up with a Tigger, don’t crawl up their ass about togetherness this month. They might hop a plane to Bermuda. Air signs are also likely to be antsy, but Saturn in Libra will sit on them for you.

Also, beware of violence, did I mention that? I would avoid crowds, but then I would *always* avoid crowds so that’s not news. I don’t have to mention how dangerous it would be to go anywhere near Africa or the Middle East, I think that’s obvious; but you never know when there could be a domestic flip-out. If you’re in a situation where riot cops might plausibly want to get geared up, good luck to you. Me? I wouldn’t even go to church.


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