In the heart of the Sun

Luna is looking good this evening, exalted in Taurus, trine Pluto and moving toward a sextile with exalted Venus in Pisces. Time to start a Damiana tincture, I think. It’s Luna’s day today, and she’s waxing – this looks close to ideal.

Neptune entered Pisces today! Oddly, to kick this off, Japan dumped radioactive water into the Pacific ocean.

I’m going to get a tincture going this week for the epic Mercury-Venus-Sol double cazimi coming up this August. I went shopping this weekend, and decided on licorice for Mercury, green cardamom for Venus in Leo, and angelica for Sol. Since I also want these three planets in good shape for the consecration I’ll do before I cover the herbs in everclear, I’m looking at the Mercury-Sol cazimi this week. Sol is exalted, quite close to his deepest degree of exaltation; Mercury is retrograde, but he always is during the inferior conjunction with Sol; Venus is exalted. Sol and Mercury are closely conjunct Jupiter. I could get them all culminating during the cazimi, but Luna would be void of course. If I wait until they’re in the 9th house, Luna will enter Cancer, her domicile, exactly trine Neptune. Furthermore, Leo will be rising, emphasizing the degree of the coming double cazimi this summer. Venus is making no aspects that day; unfortunately she is in the 8th house if I use this time. It’s really hard to get an election that works for three planets plus the Moon when you have to get it within the narrow window of a cazimi, so I might just call this good.

A Jupiter-Sun cazimi is coming up this week also, starting at 10:00 PM Tuesday on the west coast and continuing through 4:00 PM Wednesday. During this time it’s useful to invoke Jupiter and Sol as a pair. One of the best talismans I ever made was consecrated during this cazimi; I may reconsecrate it during this one too. Luna will be exalted in Taurus for this one, though void of course. Jupiter has essential dignity at night right now. Sol is not just in exaltation, but also dignified by face. I’m tempted to do this at 6:00 AM, before the Sun rises and while the cazimi is angular in the 1st house. Unfortunately, putting the cazimi in an angle puts Saturn in one too. Of course, Saturn in the 7th house of open enemies crushes them, not me. Saturn’s retrograde, so even though he’s exalted he’ll be making grand plans while undermining himself.

Ah, I should mention that I invoked Sol and Aries last night and it was intense! I waited until Sol was past the exact opposition with Saturn (which I quite noticed btw) and then I had Sol’s Day and Hour as well as six planets in Aries. I had finished the talisman for SITAL earlier, and it came out really well. Just drawing his sigil in the air the first time hit me so hard I almost lost my balance. The invocation produced the first face-to-face meeting with a Shem ha-Mephorash angel I’ve had since I began this project. Reciting the relevant verses from Exodus really helped too. I had the sense that if I screwed up the invocation after that phase, I’d be sorry. Fortunately, he beamed positive energy at me after I did the petition and continued to emit something like sunlight at intervals throughout the consecration and subsequent skrying.


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