Occult Venus

Some planets are extremely prone to very obvious phases, such as Luna.  She is not one being only, yet she is.  She’s an interesting example because her changing phases don’t correspond with her location in the zodiac, which makes her expression layered and complex.  Sol is blatantly seasonal, the basis of the tropical zodiac – always changing, but in a relatively straightforward manner (with the exception of solar eclipse).  Mercury and Venus can appear in the morning, evening, or not at all, but unlike the other planets we can’t observe them overhead; they’re distinct in that way.  Mercury is famous for his duality because of this, and his tricky elusiveness because he’s so briefly visible.  But Venus?  Is she really the goddess of gentle pleasure in all modes, or does she have an occult or “Luciferian” manifestation that certain phases of Western civilization have ruthlessly suppressed?

Those things under the rulership of Venus have been considered evil by the Western mainstream for so long that I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s the planetary consciousness we understand the least.  For magicians, what we’ve lost may be extremely relevant to our goals.  For one thing, I’ve observed that we talk about love all the time, but I don’t think we understand what it is.  Yet that’s what I’ve learned the most about by doing all this work.  We don’t do this because it’s our duty, or because it’s fun; we do it because we fell in love.  There are easier ways to get power, fame, and knowledge, if that’s what we think we want.  But we want this with our hearts (and then our egos rationalize some goals, cha-ching, bunga bunga).

CMs tend to fear tenderness, dependency, emotional humiliation and loss of control, so good luck to us getting naked with the Star.  Maybe that’s why the pervy stuff is such a big deal in this community.  It’s okay to get penetrated if it’s a Mighty Act of Will!  But I know why beauty is said to be on the inside now – when the glamor fell off of everything I saw the naked Star *in* everything.  The destruction of illusion and fantasy is Venus’ most cruel gift.


About der Morgenstern

Astrologer, Winemaker, Magician
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