Rolling sixes

There’s another window with six planets in Aries coming up at the end of the month. Sol will have left Aries and entered Taurus, but Venus will have left Pisces and entered Aries. (If you were planning anything magical involving Venus, git ‘er done before she switches signs on April 20.)

So, SIX planets in Aries: let’s take a look. Oh my. Some exact planetary aspects are happening then. This window spans April 29 and 30, and May 1. (Something tells me those Beltane fires are gonna be hot.) The planets involved are: Luna, Mercury (who will finally be direct in motion btw, as of the 23rd!), Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus. On April 30, Venus will be exactly opposite Saturn, and Mars will be exactly conjunct Jupiter. Luna highlights this by conjoining each of the other Aries planets in turn, with this final aspect: Luna conjunct Mars. Lock up your daughters and wives? Guys will be riding through town shooting guns in the air? Yeah, pretty much. Looks like an awesome time to be a badass dude and a crappy time to be an unarmed lady. I’m glad I don’t have children – the stress would wear me out, worrying about the psycho contingent. To think I used to run wild in the streets in the big city when I was little! These times that try women’s souls will also be more fun for single people than for married people, because the special snowflake inclination will be to do whatever you want whenever you want to do it rather than cooperate with a partner. (My experience of Fire people is that they fall in love hard, but every once in a while they look over and are like, “Oh my god, *you’re* still here? Agh, I can’t breathe – ROOOAAAAD TRRRRIIIPPPPP!” That goes double for a fire sign on the ascendant.) So, if you suspect you might be the wet blanket type, and you’re hooked up with a Tigger, don’t crawl up their ass about togetherness this month. They might hop a plane to Bermuda. Air signs are also likely to be antsy, but Saturn in Libra will sit on them for you.

Also, beware of violence, did I mention that? I would avoid crowds, but then I would *always* avoid crowds so that’s not news. I don’t have to mention how dangerous it would be to go anywhere near Africa or the Middle East, I think that’s obvious; but you never know when there could be a domestic flip-out. If you’re in a situation where riot cops might plausibly want to get geared up, good luck to you. Me? I wouldn’t even go to church.

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Watch out for Mars for the next few weeks

The weekend was taken up with schoolwork on Steve’s part, a Shem project on mine. It was rainy and gross out. Monday was also rainy, and I got a good start on an art project. Yesterday was blustery, intermittent sun and clouds with, at dusk, an eerie lemon yellow color to the slanting sunlight as it lit up trees against slate gray clouds. I felt like I should go out there and get some exercise, but on the other hand, Luna was going to perfect her sextile with Venus during the hour of the Sun. Jupiter was closely conjunct Sol, too, and Sol was packed with essential dignity.

I had just enough time to paint another Shem talisman and take a shower before it was time to do the invocation of OLMIH, also a Sun/Aries quinant like the last one was. Quite different though: I saw the pillar of cloud from Exodus, but it was made of interwoven human forms, like a totem pole crossed with modern art. The scene was very static and evoked eternity, and that part is the same as the result I got when I invoked this angel last year, when I saw an ancient watchtower eternally keeping vigil and surrounded by wild forest. This time, though, the pillar was on a featureless plain. The pole was holding up the sky, drawing down heaven, and protecting the people at the same time. The energy was very dense, and it was hard to not completely trance out while under its influence. The first time I invoked it, I wondered if this static quality had something to do with the number 4 as this angel is the 4th in the series.

If I may digress. The Shem ha-Mephorash is considered an extension of the Tetragrammaton, with each of the four letters presiding over three of the zodiacal signs. The GD places the Yod of Tetragrammaton over the quinants of the signs Leo, Virgo and Libra. I place the Yod of Tetragrammaton over the quinants of the signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius (following the pattern of another tradition). The GD is mighty enthusiastic about Regulus, and the kerubs of the fixed signs, I am aware, but I just don’t see the logic of starting the zodiac *after* the summer solstice – is there any culture that starts their year at the beginning of the decline of summer? Even the pattern of decans they use with the Shem ha-Mephorash emphasizes the Spring Equinox with a double dose of Mars, so I’m not sure what they were thinking with this. And now that Regulus is in tropical Virgo, it doesn’t mark one of the eight solar festivals at all. All I know is that people who’ve invoked the Shem angels the other way haven’t had much good to say about their results, at least so far as I’ve read, and some got bad results.

The invocation felt pretty good, but kind of knocked me on my ass. I hadn’t eaten all day by the time it got dark a few hours later and I felt disoriented. Dinner at the loudest pub I can remember having been to fixed that though, and when we got home I decided that I ought to invoke Mars during the Hour of Mars while he’s still mercifully wide of the opposition to Saturn, so I can catch some of that sweet Mars in Aries essential dignity. Word to the wise: Mars in Aries opposite Saturn retrograde in Libra perfects April 18. Dangerous times. Diplomacy and cooperation will be lamely attempted, but people will prefer violent domination. Mercury will be conjunct Mars then too, adding energy to the confrontation and a sense of intellectual justification (this is incredibly dangerous: once a violent person is convinced of their righteousness, there’s _no limit_ to what they’re capable of, and with Mercury there will be manipulativeness as well as thuggishness to draw upon). This is further exacerbated by the union of Mars with Jupiter that happens next, adding religious fervor to the mix. Mars is in orb of the square with Pluto now, which perfects April 11. There is cruelty afoot, and it’s moving in the background, setting things up in the shadows. This will be set off by Luna in Cancer this weekend. Be careful, and make sure the people you associate with are trustworthy. How to say this . . . Pluto is not known for respecting boundaries, and has an inhuman lack of sentiment regarding the suffering of others. Also, things tend to happen on a mass scale.

The invocation seemed to go well, but when I tried to sleep afterwards I was way too buzzed. It was like drinking a triple espresso. Note to self: invoke Mars in the afternoon, or better yet morning. Mars can have a playful side but he’s not playing now. I spent the rest of the evening reading the news – war and crime as you might suppose. There was a lot of betrayal leading to murder or rape in the stories. Moreover, people kept as captive slaves (abduction is ruled by Pluto). Much of this did not have to do with recent events, but with trials that are underway. Also, plane crashes were making headlines. This shit is depressing, I’m going to be honest, I’m not loving the research involved with learning mundane astrology but I think it’s important.

In weather news (still tracking the New-Moon-conjunct-Jupiter-and-opposite-Saturn effect), the southern states were rocked by twisters, thunderstorms and high winds. Trees were uprooted and there have been fatalities. Here, it’s been windy and dumping snow in the mountains.

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In the heart of the Sun

Luna is looking good this evening, exalted in Taurus, trine Pluto and moving toward a sextile with exalted Venus in Pisces. Time to start a Damiana tincture, I think. It’s Luna’s day today, and she’s waxing – this looks close to ideal.

Neptune entered Pisces today! Oddly, to kick this off, Japan dumped radioactive water into the Pacific ocean.

I’m going to get a tincture going this week for the epic Mercury-Venus-Sol double cazimi coming up this August. I went shopping this weekend, and decided on licorice for Mercury, green cardamom for Venus in Leo, and angelica for Sol. Since I also want these three planets in good shape for the consecration I’ll do before I cover the herbs in everclear, I’m looking at the Mercury-Sol cazimi this week. Sol is exalted, quite close to his deepest degree of exaltation; Mercury is retrograde, but he always is during the inferior conjunction with Sol; Venus is exalted. Sol and Mercury are closely conjunct Jupiter. I could get them all culminating during the cazimi, but Luna would be void of course. If I wait until they’re in the 9th house, Luna will enter Cancer, her domicile, exactly trine Neptune. Furthermore, Leo will be rising, emphasizing the degree of the coming double cazimi this summer. Venus is making no aspects that day; unfortunately she is in the 8th house if I use this time. It’s really hard to get an election that works for three planets plus the Moon when you have to get it within the narrow window of a cazimi, so I might just call this good.

A Jupiter-Sun cazimi is coming up this week also, starting at 10:00 PM Tuesday on the west coast and continuing through 4:00 PM Wednesday. During this time it’s useful to invoke Jupiter and Sol as a pair. One of the best talismans I ever made was consecrated during this cazimi; I may reconsecrate it during this one too. Luna will be exalted in Taurus for this one, though void of course. Jupiter has essential dignity at night right now. Sol is not just in exaltation, but also dignified by face. I’m tempted to do this at 6:00 AM, before the Sun rises and while the cazimi is angular in the 1st house. Unfortunately, putting the cazimi in an angle puts Saturn in one too. Of course, Saturn in the 7th house of open enemies crushes them, not me. Saturn’s retrograde, so even though he’s exalted he’ll be making grand plans while undermining himself.

Ah, I should mention that I invoked Sol and Aries last night and it was intense! I waited until Sol was past the exact opposition with Saturn (which I quite noticed btw) and then I had Sol’s Day and Hour as well as six planets in Aries. I had finished the talisman for SITAL earlier, and it came out really well. Just drawing his sigil in the air the first time hit me so hard I almost lost my balance. The invocation produced the first face-to-face meeting with a Shem ha-Mephorash angel I’ve had since I began this project. Reciting the relevant verses from Exodus really helped too. I had the sense that if I screwed up the invocation after that phase, I’d be sorry. Fortunately, he beamed positive energy at me after I did the petition and continued to emit something like sunlight at intervals throughout the consecration and subsequent skrying.

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Occult Venus

Some planets are extremely prone to very obvious phases, such as Luna.  She is not one being only, yet she is.  She’s an interesting example because her changing phases don’t correspond with her location in the zodiac, which makes her expression layered and complex.  Sol is blatantly seasonal, the basis of the tropical zodiac – always changing, but in a relatively straightforward manner (with the exception of solar eclipse).  Mercury and Venus can appear in the morning, evening, or not at all, but unlike the other planets we can’t observe them overhead; they’re distinct in that way.  Mercury is famous for his duality because of this, and his tricky elusiveness because he’s so briefly visible.  But Venus?  Is she really the goddess of gentle pleasure in all modes, or does she have an occult or “Luciferian” manifestation that certain phases of Western civilization have ruthlessly suppressed?

Those things under the rulership of Venus have been considered evil by the Western mainstream for so long that I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s the planetary consciousness we understand the least.  For magicians, what we’ve lost may be extremely relevant to our goals.  For one thing, I’ve observed that we talk about love all the time, but I don’t think we understand what it is.  Yet that’s what I’ve learned the most about by doing all this work.  We don’t do this because it’s our duty, or because it’s fun; we do it because we fell in love.  There are easier ways to get power, fame, and knowledge, if that’s what we think we want.  But we want this with our hearts (and then our egos rationalize some goals, cha-ching, bunga bunga).

CMs tend to fear tenderness, dependency, emotional humiliation and loss of control, so good luck to us getting naked with the Star.  Maybe that’s why the pervy stuff is such a big deal in this community.  It’s okay to get penetrated if it’s a Mighty Act of Will!  But I know why beauty is said to be on the inside now – when the glamor fell off of everything I saw the naked Star *in* everything.  The destruction of illusion and fantasy is Venus’ most cruel gift.

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Irreverent astrologer has a new blog

I write about:


(In my mind, all of this is mixed together, so don’t expect monothematic posting.) I’m into Golden-Dawn-style astrological invocations which I use to consecrate magical wines, beers, meads and tinctures. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’m great at it.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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